Beets, travel and the spirit of Prince?

The Republican Convention is the biggest news today with a partial rerun of Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech by Melania Trump and the roll call being the highlight. Good thing since this means no major terrorist attack, dramatic social drama or violence trumping this event.  Meanwhile, my highlight today involves beets.  Yes, beets! In my 25 plus years of gardening, this is the first year I have successfully planted beet seeds that have resulted in a healthy looking crop.

Beets, botanically known as Beta vulgaris, are native to the Mediterranean. That means I can dream of a Mediterranean vacation as I peel off the dark, thick skin. Although the leaves have been eaten since before written history, the beet root was generally used medicinally and did not become a popular food until French chefs recognized their potential in the 1800’s. Yep, need to go to France and compare beet recipes. Beet powder is used as a coloring agent for many foods. Some frozen pizzas use beet powder to color the tomato sauce. ~Peggy Trowbridge Filippone

Must  go to Italy to see if they use beet powder, too…or Chicago will do. 


Danger looming! Beets are considered a wise food choice due to its many health benefits, but may have some side effects if you overindulged as noted by ALYSSA JUNG, author of the book “FOODS THAT HARM, FOODS THAT HEAL.”  (Click the link for the complete article.) Food shortages in Europe following World War I caused great hardships, including cases of mangel-wurzel disease, as relief workers called it. It was symptomatic of eating only beets. Note to self… don’t just eat beets.

Blogging about beets may be pretty lame, but I choose to believe it’s a sign from the spirit of Prince… beautiful, delicious, Mediterranean inspired purple hued beets. Just maybe…

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