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Meyerathon 2015…we thought they said “rum!”

_MG_8283dmvwebOur family get-togethers tend to NOT involve sitting around and visiting.  Let’s run a marathon!

Meyer2015-8288plReady and waiting for Randy to complete the first four miles as runners sprint by…

Meyer2015-8290plweb…and waiting. We notice the crowd has diminished.

Meyer2015-8297crwebHooray!!  He made it with his knees intact.

Meyer2015-8299dmvwebBryon takes off and appears eager to attack his five miles.

Meyer2015-8302plwebWhat a perfect day for a run in Brookings, SD.

Meyer2015-8311plwebThis hand slap appears to be choreographed as Julia begins her three mile section.

Meyer2015-8317plweb…hand slap and Angela begins her five mile challenge as the temps are climbing.

Meyer2015-8322plwebI. Am. Ready!!!!

Meyer2015-8323plwebI hear the theme from Rocky playing through my mind… Go, Joyce!

Meyer2015-8328plwebI complete my three mile challenge and the temps continue to rise.  I did it!!!

Meyer2015-8332plweb Liz is ready to rock on with the last six miles as the temps hit 80’s. Go, Liz!!

Meyer2015-8341dmvwebAs we wait for Liz, the seniors with their daycare walking/training buddies walk the last bit of the path to the finish line.

Meyer2015-8364dmvwebWhat a super idea to pair young kids with elderly seniors to include them in the training and this event.  Family members walk with parents/grandparents and the smiles are priceless.

Meyer2015-8371dmvwebHere she comes!  Here she comes!!

Meyer2015-8374dmvwebThe anchor of our relay team has made good time and we complete well before noon which was our goal. We all join in to run across the finish line together. I was hoping they’d play “We are the Champions” by Queen for us, but I just play it through my mind.

Meyer2015-8376fp20kp20pl20webKudos to the Brookings community for a well run event.  Brookings, SD has been hosting the marathon since 1970 and I notice finishers from all over the country. What a fun morning and we’ll be back…

unnamedNow to celebrate our 48th out of 52 team finish and rehydrate…