Camino Day 15: Castrojeriz to Boadilla


hontanas-to-fromista-elevation-mapWe leave Castrojeriz only to see a huge, steep hill ahead of us. What’s up with that? We are in the meseta, so shouldn’t the way be relatively flat?  Trudging halfway up the hill I look back and the view is breathtaking!

camino-1020705eOnce we tackle the hill, the rest of the way is easier and I can see for miles. It’s windy and the temps are cold, so poor Joan is still suffering from Hiking Pants Envy wishing her legs were covered, too.
camino-1020743eOur bed tonight is in Boadilla and many bunk beds are crammed into a room with a ladder leading to a loft above. I feel much younger now having discovered one of our roommates is well into his 80’s and has completed over 20 caminos. He always takes the bed by the ladder in the loft when he is in this albergue, so up he goes.

camino-1020753eThe garden area includes interesting metal sculpture art and murals.
We top the night off with a delicious Pilgrim meal.

Top three photo picks of the day:camino-1020751e camino-1020747ecamino-1020745e

4 thoughts on “Camino Day 15: Castrojeriz to Boadilla”

  1. Hey Joyce, I’ve been enjoying your camino blog! Great memories of a fun few days. Hope you made it to Astorgas!!!


    1. Fabulous to hear from you Sinead!! We feel very fortunate to have met you on the Camino and hope all is well in your part of the world in Ireland.
      We are suffering from the aftershock of realization that we will actually have Donald Trump as our President. Never in my wildest dreams did I think he would make it to the top position of our country. Time will tell…


      1. Still reeling re Trump. It’s horrendous… All well in Ireland, hope Trump’s economic policies don’t hit the US multinationals here too hard… a lot of jobs at stake if that were to happen. Need another stretch on the Camino to forget the woes….!!!!


  2. I totally forgot how hot it was a few days before that, and eventually bought some long pants and a fleece jacket! I should have learned to pack wiser but will probably never learn when trying to lighten my load. That door entry looks a little scarey!

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