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Winter Beauty

Image and haiku poetry by Joyce Meyer

Giant dandelions?

Western Salsify (T. dubius Scop.) and Meadow Salsify (T. pratensis L.) are  the most common species of this plant that looks like a giant dandelion. Western Salsify is native to Europe and Northern Africa and was brought to North America as a garden vegetable for its carrot like taproot and “oystery taste”. Since then it has spread to roadsides, old abandoned fields, no-till field, pastures and other undisturbed areas. ~ btny.purdue.edu

Image by Joyce Meyer

Eaten raw, the roots are very bitter; fried, roasted, or boiled, the taste of salsify roots have been compared to that of parsnips. Others say they slide down like oysters, hence its common moniker, oyster plant. Cream the roots in a soup or simmer young stalks in butter for a side dish rich in Vitamin B6. ~aspoonfulofthyme.blogspot.com

I’m O.K. with parsnips, but oysters?  No thanks!!