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Regardless of  political leanings to the left, right, or anywhere in between, we expect American citizens to show respect to those in uniform. This has not always been the case.

Flashback to the Vietnam War era.

vietnam plaqueThe G.I.’s returning home from the unpopular Vietnam Conflict, during the 1960’s and early 1970’s, were protested and threatened when wearing uniforms in public.  It was even necessary to hide their tell-tale haircuts when in civilian attire.  Most were barely out of high school when they were drafted and quietly arrived home, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.

This is a personal issue in my household. My husband enlisted into the military at age 17 during the era of draft numbers and Vietnam. He was on military flights that had to be gated off from the public, upon landing, due to anti-war protests. In the United States, they tried to hide their military identity when engaged in activities off base for their own safety.  During military leaves and upon returning home to the Midwest, he remembers going to area dances only to have individuals against the Vietnam war wanting to inflict physical harm because of his service.  Not much of a welcome home.

Now military service is acknowledged  with send-off ceremonies and welcome home celebrations while families at home have access to a network of support groups.  Challenges still exist as war is never pretty, popular or pleasant, but at least we are not adding to the stress. Vietnam veterans can’t help but think, where was all this when I returned?

Serving for the future
Serving for the future

A lifetime ahead of you…


I start uploading this image and gaze upon the flyer notifying me of my 40th year high school class reunion.  Where did the years go?

  • I was in pretty good physical shape in high school, but now parts of me jiggle when I walk.
  • In high school, when I appeared to have confidence I was probably faking it.  Now I just admit it when I’m lacking.
  • While I’m not attending a formal “school,” I still enjoy learning and growing in experiences and knowledge.  It’s just that now when I learn something new, it takes longer and something old has to go.
  • As a senior in high school, I thought it would be an eternity until I would be old, like 30-year-old people.  And now here I sit at 58 and it doesn’t feel old at all. (Today, anyway)
  • Now I realize my parent were much smarter and “in tune” with the world than I ever gave them credit for at age 17.
  • In high school I was afraid of the end of the world, which I attribute to growing up with the Cold War and Vietnam Conflict featured every night on the one channel that came in clearly.  American body count and Viet Cong body count were the leading statistics. Guess the last domino didn’t fall, after all, since we are still a democratic society.
  • But, I really would like to visit Vietnam now…

The last year of high school… a-h-h-h-h…

Photo by Joyce Meyer

…and a lifetime ahead of you.