Day 3 Camino de Santiago: Uterga to Estella

September 3, 2016:

We leave at the crack of dawn to beat the heat today and find the path surrounded by tall plants that look and smell like dill. 
As we proceed down our path we hear the hum of paragliders as they entertain us with dips and swerves making the moment seem surreal. (Included in the video at the bottom of this post.)hennings-1010613eDelicious wild black raspberries are a treat along the trail.

hennings-1010652eThe Romanesque 11th century bridge at Puenta la Reina (The Queen’s Bridge) owes its foundation to Queen Doña Mayor who had the bridge built over the river Arga.hennings-1010699eThis old Roman road is said to be the most important stretch of Roman road left on the French Way. My mind wanders imagining centuries of use and here I am in this moment, right here, right now. Mind boggling…
hennings-1010668eWe take a lunch break next to a water fountain and enjoy the entertaining company of a group from Italy as we communicate using charades and the English skills of the young woman on the right. Why are Italians always so much fun? I may need to go to Italy some day to discover this phenomenon.hennings-1010707e2The final leg of the day proves to be challenging as the high temps and lack of shade takes its toll. Our survival strategy is shade hopping as we slog our way under the hot sun and take short breaks under the shade of the occasional small tree.

 Aa-a-a-r-r-r-g-g-g-h-h-h… So hot!

We are too slow today and there are no beds for us in Lorca, but an outgoing character from Amsterdam is at the bar highly recommending Oceana Youth Hostel in Estella.  Better pick up the pace so we can find nice cozy beds. At this point, cozy isn’t even necessary… just a bed will do.

Top three photo picks of the day:


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