2017 Camino de Santiago: Orrison-Roncesvalles-Larrasoana

Image from “Turn to Wonder” blog.

Cold,  rain and fog accompany us as we walk through the Pyrennees from Refuge Orrison to Roncesvalles. The thumping sound of large, raindrops pelt against my rain gear… a constant drumming throughout the day. Soaked gloves offer no protection from the cold resulting in numb fingers and toes. Large flocks of sheep hunker down together, staring at the passing Pilgrims as if to say, …and they say sheep are dumb. We  later discover that the mountain was closed to those leaving St. Jean that day.

Maybe I do feel like a hiking beast…

The following stretch from Roncesvalles to Larrasoana provides a  much better day for hiking with plenty of photo opportunities due to the pleasant weather. I am much more appreciative of this wonderful weather today due to the rough weather yesterday. Minnesotans learn this lesson early in life.

Image by Joyce Meyer
Image by Joyce Meyer

3 thoughts on “2017 Camino de Santiago: Orrison-Roncesvalles-Larrasoana”

  1. Spot on! Loved the video too. Seems odd that it was only last month! Feels longer than that!

    Been doing a little research on Mexico. These are just rough ideas to toss around. If we flew to Tucson, there is a 10 hour bus to Los Mochis. Take the train, stay over in Creel, on to Chihuahua. Stay over. Fly to Mexico City. Stay over, fly back home. Or, rather than do the bus, fly to Mexico City, stay over, fly to Los Mochis, take the train, etc. to Chihuahua, fly back home. Airfare within Mexico seems pretty reasonable. Rooms (hostels) appear to be reasonable (Booking.com) How long do you want this next adventure to be?

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  2. Back on the Camino? You lucky people. I have to wait until September again! Enjoy and have a good Way! Looking forward to reading about your escapades!


    1. It’s great to see your comment here. Yes, but it was just a short 7 day hike. My dream is to do the whole thing from St. Jean to Muxia/Finesterre. Probably won’t ever happen, but a girl can dream, right? Hope all is well with you and thanks for checking in!


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