Camino de Santiago: Ledigos to Sahagun

September 18, 2016:  Word of the day is bodega as we view many along the way today. Some quite plain, while others feature unique designs.


camino-1020933I guess if I ever find myself with too much time on my hands I could knit tree wraps.  Or not.

camino-1020955Joan gets her Pilgrim Credentials stamped at the Camino Frances half way point, Our Lady of the Bridge sanctuary near Sahagun, Spain. This structure has XIIth Century Romanesque foundations but the original pilgrim hospic has long gone. Interesting flooring design that seems to have a Moorish influence.

camino-1020975A-h-h-h… home sweet home for tonight with half the beds empty. Seems as though the bed race has eased up for this stretch so we can snuggle in with a little privacy. Hmmm… do I feel a draft?

Top three photo picks of the day:

camino-1020927 camino-1020914camino-1020970

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