Camino de Santiago: Sahagun to El Rancho Burgo

9-19-2016:  The albergue is freezing and upon rising for the day we discover why. The big wooden doors were never closed last night so the outside temps are pretty much the same as inside. Plus, our bunk beds were very near the door. Oh well, at least this kept the urine smell in the bathroom aired out.sahagun-to-el-burgo-raneros-elevation-mapcamino-1020978Foggy morning as we leave Sahagun.

camino-1020986As we trudge along we start chatting with this fascinating woman from New Jersey traveling alone.  Her t-shirt is a display of her walks including her 14,000 kilometer walk across Russia in 1971. (Visiting and not paying attention, we took the wrong road and had to backtrack and get back on the correct path.)camino-1020987 Ludmila Prakhina established the Prakhin Foundation with her two sons, Boris and Michael, to provide financial and moral support to authors who educate the public about the Stalinist regime under which her parents were arrested and exiled in a 1941 mass deportation from Moldova. The literary award honors the memory of those murdered under Stalinism and Nazism by recognizing works of prose, poetry, journalism, or scholarship about that tragic period of European history.

More information about the Moldova deportation can be found at this link:   Moldova.orgcamino-1020984Along with Ludmila, we enjoy conversation today with an interesting gentleman from Winnipeg. I’ve never been to Winnipeg, but it sounds like a great place to visit.

camino-1030009Home sweet home tonight is Albergue La Laguna with its flamboyant manager (owner?) in El Rancho Burgo, Spain. Fairly spacious green lawn complete with lawn chairs. No kitchen or bar facilities here, so the day includes a short hike to the grocery store.

Top three photo picks of the day:camino-1030017hdrcamino-1030008 camino-1030023

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