Camino de Santiago: El Rancho Burgo to Reliegos

September 20, 2016:  

camino-1030028eAs we leave town on this chilly, dreary day we are joined by a few fellow pilgrims so conversation flows freely.
camino-1030035ecrDorothy and Ruby, along with Joan, enjoy a Kodak moment in front of Bar Elvis. Unfortunately,  Elvis has left the building… it’s closed.
camino-1030047cr Reliegos, Spain is our stopping point for the day and we find parts of the medieval walls still intact.camino-1030056e18th century St. Mary’s church in Reliegos is built on top of the previous 12th century church.camino-1030049ecrMany artifacts from the 12th century church can be found inside.

camino-1030051dmv Altar is fine baroque 18th century.

 No reservations and bunkbeds are already spoken for at Albergue El Jardin del Camino

jardin-del-camino…but we are happy they allowed us to stay anyway. Mattresses on the floor near the albergue bathroom are just perfect.

camino-1030044eThe local hangout cafe for the community and pilgrims is directly below us and the spacious yard includes laundry tubs along with clotheslines.  Doesn’t get much better than that, right?

Top three photo picks of the day:camino-1030043cr camino-1030037e camino-1030053ecr


One thought on “Camino de Santiago: El Rancho Burgo to Reliegos”

  1. Elvis!!! Yes!!! I guess it’s not quite the real thing, but at least in spirit!! Glad that he can also be found in Spain!! Good job, best blogger ever!!

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