Camino Portuguese Day Five ~ Casa Fernanda?

Friday, August 10, 2018:  Will we walk 32 kilometers today?

After a festive evening listening to boy scouts singing folk songs, we rise at the early hour of 5 a.m. to tackle a long day of walking from Barcelos, Portugal. I appreciate the nice kitchen provided by the author of the Brierly Camino Guide and prepare coffee to help jump-start the day.

Day 5-0790

Inquiring minds will want to watch the video below… Joan, Randy & Joyce take on Camino Portuguese Day Five.

2 thoughts on “Camino Portuguese Day Five ~ Casa Fernanda?”

  1. This was so awesome!! The best day, and night, ever! I’m so glad you got video footage of the parteee! Fantastic! Fernanda and husband are so cool! Plus their friend, the chef, and the musical entertainment. Friend chef prepared mid afternoon lunch (sardines and veggies) plus the evening pilgrim meal with mucho vino!, We even got bottom beds, because there were bottom beds to choose from, or bottom beds to choose from! Bathroom three steps away!! The Camino Angel gets extra credit for Day 5!! Great job, videographer!!

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