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Remember When…


A little throw-back to the early days of color photography. Little did I know that there would be a Scottish person involved.

Tartan_Ribbon-2tartan_ribbon The first color photograph that did not fade or require hand painting was taken by a Scottish mathematical physicist, James Clerk Maxwell. A picture of a tartan ribbon was created by photographing it three times through red, blue, and yellow filters, then recombining the images into one color composite. Maxwell’s three-color method was intended to mimic the way the eye processes color, based on theories he had elaborated in an 1855 paper.

Having worked with medium format black & white darkroom images and compositing multiple images manually in camera, I think I understand the process. What I don’t understand is how he ever came up with the theories and idea to mimic the way the eye processes color.

Go, Scotland!!


~National Geographic / more info can be found at this link:open

Feeling small…

 It’s a big world out there…

Conic Hill along the West Highland Way, Scotland. Image by Joyce Meyer

Sharing the Love in Scotland

Image by Joyce Meyer.

Love Rocks is a worldwide movement started in Forest Grove, OR in honor of two sisters, Anna and Abigail. The rock shown above at the top of Devil’s Staircase along the Scottish West Highland Way  is perched overlooking the hiking trail going down from the summit.

Click on The Love Rock Story to see their new website which includes the background story, more information, blog and step-by-step tutorial on making the love rocks.

Image by Joyce Meyer.

The Love Rock resting along the North Sea – Firth of Moray in Cullen, Scotland.

Image by Joyce Meyer.

The Love Rock is perched atop a balanced arrangement of rocks discovered along the Fife Coastal Path between Crail and Anstruther, Scotland.

I originally received this rock from a Forest Grove, Oregon family camping in the Black Hills of South Dakota. They are well acquainted with the parents and children honored by this touching tribute and participate by making and sharing Love Rocks wherever they go.  This particular rock has made the trip from Oregon, to South Dakota, to Southwest Minnesota, and on to Scotland and back.

The Love Rock Story  spreading Peace & Love…

Ghosts of Rannoch Moor

Blended image by Joyce Meyer

It’s a big world out there…

Image by Joyce Meyer. Fife Coastal Path in Scotland.

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert

It’s a BIG world out there

Image by Joyce Meyer

View of Loch Lomond along the West Highland Way. Another hiker happened to climb to the top of the next hill just as I was about to descend Conic Hill.