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The Silhouette

Image by Joyce Meyer

I have been photographing silhouettes for many years dating back to the days of film, yet never tire of them. Very simple in form while triggering  the emotions, drawing you into a deeper, more meaningful moment or romantic story. Capturing silhouettes with a camera is quite simple as long as you expose for the sky turn off your flash.

Click on the following link for a more detailed tutorial on capturing silhouettes:  How to Capture a Silhouette


Blended image by Joyce Meyer

Four years ago this young woman was a beautiful bride with a beautiful Jamaican sunset behind her.  Today the sun rises as she embraces a new kind of beauty and is about to embark on another exciting adventure … parenthood.


Maternity & Mystery

Blended image by Joyce Meyer

Maternity images involve a special kind of beauty along with mystery and intrigue. Maternity image blended with another image of ice. Lens flare added in Photoshop CC2015.



The waiting game…

Image by Joyce Meyer. Manfred Township, Lac qui Parle County, Minnesota

New life…

2016_Antony_mat-0478rkpwfwebSpring awakens the prairie  as the sun warms the earth, brightening the horizon with new life.

Image by Joyce Meyer, Manfred Township located in Lac qui Parle County, Minnesota.

To be continued…

Blended image by Joyce Meyer Lac qui Parle County, Minnesota

Warmth of the prairie…

Blended images by Joyce Meyer ~ Manfred Township in Lac qui Parle County, Minnesota

A cold wind blows throughout the night, while snow fills the winter air. It’s warm inside my cozy home and I find myself drawn to images of dandelions basking in the warmth of the early summer sun.

Blend of three images:  Grove of trees near my house, dandelions from my lawn last summer and maternity image captured in the studio with strong backlight.  Watercolor filter, lens flare and lighting effects added with Photoshop CC.