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Camino Day 9: Santo Domingo to Belorado

September 9, 2016:  As we put our boots on this morning we share a moment with a forlorn Damion from the UK as he contemplates whether to continue his Camino with very sore blisters or call it quits. We’ve enjoyed his wit, humor and banter, so are hoping he continues. Final answer…?  A very somber ending as he makes plans for catching a flight back home.  Camino hearts are breaking for this well liked and kind gentleman as we all know how hard it is to accept defeat.  Safe journeys, Damion.

Today should be close to a 25 kilometer day so we leave the albergue early, making our way down the dark streets of Santo Domingo.

We enjoy the company of Roger and Nancy from Colorado and interesting conversation makes the day click by so much faster. Thank you for sharing your day with us and we are curious as to your Camino experiences after we parted ways.

What… am I hallucinating?  A huge stuffed animal is hiking towards me!
camino-1020148ecr Following is a link to a short video explaining their project:  osoperigroso

camino-1020147eSmiles on the Way is a site that has information about these two and their walk.

We arrive in Belorado finding only top bunks with no bed rails available, so Joan will face her ultimate challenge tonight. The room is very tiny and there is no room to throw her mattress on the floor for sleeping. Will she sleep walk and fall out of bed or not sleep at all? We will see…

A bonus tonight is meeting and spending meal time with charming Alexandra who lives and works in Malega. I am so tired that I can hardly speak, but the table conversation still flows freely.  Buen Camino, Alexandra!

Top three photo picks of the day:

camino-1020138cre camino-1020120ecr camino-1020129e




Camino Day 6: Torres del Rio to Logrono

September 6, 2016:  Scroll down for a short video with some Creedence Clearwater Revival plus proof that Joan can still stop traffic!


As you can see by the elevation map, we start the day with a hill work-out while the rest of the day appears to level out a little. However, the heat continues to sap our energy as we plod down the path.

We meet a friendly, interesting young man named Julio from California  sitting by the side of the road switching out socks due to blisters. Conversations flow throughout the day about observations and plans while on the Camino, as well as life, taking our minds off the heat. We often wonder about the rest of his journey to Santiago as we lose track due to a different pace as we do with many people we meet. A good lesson learned:   Live in the moment and make the best of it while you can.

We also meet a new friend, Julius, today and have been in touch with this talented photographer/animation artist from Poland living in Dublin. It was great to talk about photography with someone who understands me.
camino-1010918ecrGraffiti in the tunnels plus the shade provide a little respite from the heat.

20160906_083733rWe find beds tonight in the Apostol Hostel in Logrono with a familiar scene on the wall of our room. I don’t think this means I can cross the Statue of Liberty off of my Bucket List.

Top three photo picks of the day:camino-1010878ecamino-1010915ecamino-1010929e

Snapshots: The Yucatan

Anyone who can leave the Yucatán with indifference has never been an artist and will never be a scholar.
— Claude-Joseph-Désiré Charley

Click on the Youtube link below for a short slide show featuring random shots in the Yucatan region of Mexico:

Music: Yucatan – Music from the World


Thinking of Paris…

West Highland Way ~ Day 8 will have to wait due to the tragic events in Paris, France. Click on the video link for a short viewing from the People of Paris series:

Images by Joyce Meyer

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies were born in Paris, and continue to operate there.  Another organization whose roots are in France is Médecins Sans Frontières, or Doctors Without Borders. Click on the links if interested in more information and how to donate.

Americans in Paris were urged to call 001 202 501 4444 for information and assistance.

Pray for Paris and the world…

People of Paris #12

People of Paris #12 features Pigeon Man, also known as the Pigeon Whisperer. It appears as though the gentleman is not thrilled with his role in life and may be thinking that this is one crappy job.


Located in the Notre Dame Cathedral square,  there is some history behind this practice. The original Pigeon Man of Notre Dame, Pierre Pradeau came almost every day after his retirement to feed the birds, until he passed away on December 13th, 2009.

pigeon man
Image from

This image shows love and kindness for his feathered friends…

It’s all in the attitude, right?


People of Paris #11

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.
~ Marilyn Monroe